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Update - The Carolina Squat is Now Illegal

Fondly referred to as the “Carolina Squat,” the style of modifying a truck or SUV so that the front is lifted higher than the back, is officially illegal in South Carolina as of November 12th, 2023.

The new law specifies that the front fender cannot be raised higher than 4 inches higher than the back fender, as measured at the centerline of the wheel.

While the Department of Public Safety, which includes the South Carolina Highway Patrol, says

they will only write warning tickets for the first six months of this new law, other agencies, such

as sheriff’s departments and police departments may not be as forgiving.

The penalty for a first offense is $100; a second offense is $200; and a third offense carries not

only a $300 fine, but also the loss of your license for one year.

More importantly, any traffic stop can potentially give probable cause for a search, or lead to additional charges such as muffler violations, tint violations, or careless driving.


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