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The risk is real. In 2019, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported a traffic collision occurred every 3.7 minutes, an injury collision occurred every 13.6 minutes and a fatal injury collision occurred every 9.4 hours. 


The aftermath of a car accident may be physically, emotionally and financially devastating with costs few are positioned to absorb. If you are pursuing damages, you may feel pressure to settle quickly without understanding this first-but-fast relief does not account for your long term needs, nor is it the best offer you may be entitled to.

Here’s where we come in. At Erin Bailey Law, our car accident and damages lawyers consider your circumstances holistically by taking into consideration both your immediate and  future needs. Not quick to settle, we are at the ready to answer your call, stand our ground to secure the recourse you need to be made whole today and tomorrow.

In some complex cases, our attorneys may call in our vast network of co-counsel positioned throughout the state and country to support representing our clients. Deepening the bench, these co-counsel arrangements do not cost our clients anything additional and often are essential to maximizing their best outcomes.


If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligence, get in touch with our personal injury lawyers today to investigate your claim, understand your options and advocate for your best outcome. 

Erin Bailey Law - Car Accident Lawyer
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