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Erin Bailey Law - Misdemeanors and Traffic Tickets


With definitions varying by jurisdiction, in South Carolina misdemeanors are minor crimes potentially punishable by fines, incarceration of up to 36 months, restitution, community service, court-ordered treatment or a combination of any and all the above. 


Common offenses include minor drug possession, petty theft or shoplifting, public intoxication, vandalism, trespassing, resisting arrest, simple assault or battery, and lower sex crimes, such as indecent exposure or prostitution. 


A misdemeanor charge may carry jail time up to three years, thousands of dollars in fines, hours of required service, and potentially permanent marks on your criminal record. Despite being categorized as minor criminal offenses, misdemeanors may have lifelong personal and professional consequences.  


At Erin Bailey Law, our criminal defense lawyers have experience representing juvenile, local and out-of-county clients with a focus on mitigating repercussions and potential expungement. 


Get in touch with our criminal defense attorneys today to navigate the legal process, understand your options and advocate for your best outcome. 

Erin Bailey Law
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